Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hunt the Pickle

A game of outdoor mischief for 2 or more players.

Objective: To connect a group of hunters with the object they are seeking.

Materials required:
  • A jar of uncut pickles for each player.
  • Thumbtacks or similar.
  • Other materials as needed, ex: a dollar bill, ladies underwear, etc.

To play:
Each player or group of players first goes outside and locates a group of hunters. They may not being hunting deer or rabbits, but may be hunting other things such as oil futures, an easy lay, a place to sleep at night, etc. To make it sporting, the group of hunters should be larger than the group of players.

The players approach the hunters, but not so close at to interrupt their activities. One player selects an item that best represents the object that the hunters are hunting, and attaches it to the Pickle by means of the thumbtacks. The player then lobs the Pickle at the hunters, in a smooth and high manner so as not to dislodge the thumbtacks and to disguise the direction from which the Pickle originated. Before the Pickle lands, the players shout "Hunt the Pickle!" at the hunters, to provoke confusion and to incite a scramble for the sought-after item. To achieve maximum effect, this should be bellowed by the entire group of players.

The winner is the player who lobs the most pickles before getting beaten up.

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