Saturday, November 12, 2011

Strange and Wonderful Thief Cards from Earlier Iterations of the Game

Mistakes from the Past 
 - security

They were ready for
you! It's your
abandoned bastard
child, Pedro, and he
wants to talk to
you about that
screenplay you never

A Riddle!
- security

"From the strong,
      something sweet.

From the hunter,
      something to eat."

It's a dead lion,
full of honey.

The lion's not much of
a threat, but the honey
is kinda sticky.

Security: 1

Jim's Scientology Hut
 - location

Once per character
purchase greater
cosmological awareness
for 500 bucks.
Raise your Skill
1 point.

Growth - 1
Security - 2

Giant Moat Filled With
Barbed Wire!!

It's not going to
be extremely easy
to cross

Security: 3

That funny ringing
that shows up in
your ear turns up
at an inopportune
moment requiring you
to have +3 on your
next skill roll.

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